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Below are just a few of the many solutions we've implemented to help our clients achieve their goals.
Arlington Toyota
B&H Training Center
Bison Gear
Fields BMW
Naperville Public Works Facility
Veolia Waste
Village of Oak Park

Village of Oak Park

After it’s old public works facility was destroyed by fire, The Village of Oak Park built a new facility, at which B&H was intimately involved.

Graco "Topper" grease pump system eliminates wasted grease and eases drum change over.

Anti-Freeze dispense pump. Note the pump run away control valve which eliminates the chance of an out of control pump due to depletion of pumped product(pump permanently loses prime) or ruptured hose or pipe.

A bank of Graco Ultra duty 500 series hose reels.

Graco Matrix meters. The different colors on the meter boots identify fluids.

Oak Park pump room with Graco President pumps, CleanLine filters, pump run away control valves, and Graco Matrix wireless realtime tank level monitors.

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