Walsh Construction-South Chicago, IL

Walsh Construction is one of the largest road building concerns in the world. Efficiently constructing roadways requires huge investment in capital machinery.
Service manager Bob Lang wanted to insure that his very expensive machinery was receiving fluid changes at the proper intervals, and he required this maintenance information to be tracked automatically. Further, the information had to be available in the form of reports so that it could be shared with other management personnel. The functionality of the Graco Matrix assuaged Bob’s concerns, and he reports that the company’s PM program has been vastly improved in terms of efficiency, and streamlined in terms of labor hours.
Bob also required high volume oil transfer so that his mobile lube trucks could be provisioned with bulk fluids quickly and efficiently.  We designed a system that incorporates high flow, high pressure Graco President pumps for lube dispensing, as well as Graco Husky 1590 Double Diaphram pumps for high volume filling of the mobile lube trucks.
Finally, we designed lube islands that incorporate a bank of hose reels with an oil sump for draining filters and catching any drippage from the Matrix dispense valves

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